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The demand for student visas is becoming more and more all over the world. A plan to study abroad is profoundly prevailing to the students. A student visa is a fully documented process that allows a student to pursue study in any international country. So, if you want to become an international student to continue your further study abroad you can apply through our online portal at Abroad Uni Network Limited.

We have provided everything on our portal about the several course categories with fee structures. Our online service is available 24*7 hours. Applying through our online portal would be a great experience, the whole visa process is under your visualization. You can be the master of your own visa application.

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We Provide End-to-End Processing Support and Fully Digital Processing

Fulfill your dream with Abroad Uni Network Limited. Here you are enabled to apply for a study visa yourself. We provide you full processing support from the institute application to the visa application. Also, you can get visa counseling from our expert recruiters. We help our students to get study visas with proper assistance and guide them until their visa approval.


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All Students are granted a Scholarship with a Total Scholarship Value of 200000 USD

Getting a scholarship from a university or a college is great to lessen your overall living costs for international education. Governments and universities all over the world esteem high-performing students and have several scholarships intended to draw in the best and the most brilliant personalities in their country. We help our bright students to get scholarship benefits. International institutes provide various types of scholarships like Merit-basis, Student specific, Subject-specific, Athletic scholarships, Need-Based, and many more.


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Abroad Uni Network Limited Step-by-Step Application

A student must complete the online application to start the visa process. After filling out the visa application online, you need to upload all the required scanned documents like Passport size photograph, Passport, etc. to complete the application process. Abroad Uni Network Limited will provide you with step-by-step assistance until you get the visa in your hand. You can check the status of your visa application from this online portal.

All Services are Free without Any Additional Cost

Visa Application & Processing Supported

Every country has a different visa process with a different set of rules. We provide online assistance to accomplish the student visa process. A student needs to fill out an application form available on our portal and select the country which he/she wants to apply for, with all the required details. Abroad Uni Network Limited provides end-to-end visa application and processing support to all the students. It is the best way to apply for a visa to any country. We provide full support to our students with expert assistance.