Highest Commission Share

Connect with our online portal to earn the highest commission share without any hard work. The more the students join through you, the more you get benefits. It is a perk for the recruiter to gain more by joining the students for the same institution or the other.

A recruiter can refer several students there is no referral limit. You can partner with Abroad Uni Network Limited and think globally by connecting students from all over the world. Be the third party to help a student in choosing a perfect university or college with proper guidance, and get a good income from our online portal.

More than 2600 Institutions Worldwide

Abroad Uni Network Limited has a network of 2600+ colleges and universities. Our portal interacts with the student directly or through a recruiter with a top university or college. Here we provide full details about the study campus, the application process, and courses detail, generous scholarships to reduce international students’ expenses. Get online application help for the top universities through our online portal.

More than 120000

The number of international students in different countries continues to grow every year. Students on a worldwide scale can use this portal to study at their desired university or college. We have more than 120000 courses. Our online portal is helpful to guide you in choosing the perfect course according to your interest. We provide a list of courses with their fee structure. You can select online through our portal from different courses.

Bonus on a Volume of Application

Increase your interest as a recruiter and get a bonus on volume application. The number of students you connect with a university through our online portal, more the income you get. Through Abroad Uni Network Limited, a recruiter can get incentives for their great work, visa filing, and approval. A recruiter gets more experience by connecting and filing study visa applications.

Full processing support from

From Institute Application to the
Visa Application

Our online visa process is simple and transparent. From our online visa portal, you will get complete course advice, admission and application process details, and visa filing with end-to-end support. Our digital processing effectively processes multiple applications for different countries to study. Here you will get fast email updates on your application track and status. You can access this portal from all over the world.


Application Journey for Agency Applications

Online portal for study visa application for multiple international countries. Get a complete guidance from our platform.

Course Selection

Abroad Uni Network Limited is growing more popular among Indian students. Every year a number of students choose to study abroad. The career prospects for the students also have multiplied with an increase in the number of courses. From the availability of a wide variety of courses, few are popular among the students like Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Administration, Medicine, Law, Social Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism, Accounting, Fashion Design, etc.

Student details and document upload

Students who want to pursue further study in any other nation must need to apply for a study visa to study there. Abroad Uni Network Limited provides full assistance to the students. It is easy to apply for a study visa through our online portal. For the study, visa requirements, qualification detail, English fluency proof, photograph, passport, and no-criminal record proof documents are required and uploaded by the student.

Course Finalization

The student must need to choose the course in which he/she is interested. Abroad Uni Network Limited is an excellent online platform. We have a range of courses for students to broaden their career prospects. We have a good tie-up with the best education institutes in international countries.

Full Fledge Application Processing Support

Over the last few years, we have driven innovative solutions and made the visa process very simple. The process from identification proof to biometric we provide help in each and every step with a fully transparent process. The whole process can be tracked any time from our online portal.

Bonus and other add-ons based on performance

More the potential you give, more the earnings will be. A recruiter gets bonuses by connecting a larger number of students in the same institute or other. Abroad Uni Network Limited includes 4800+ recruiters worldwide with 50+ countries all over the world. Recruiters are free to earn easily by sitting at home. Bonus and other add-ons are based on the recruiter’s performance.

12 Hrs Visa
Application Submission

6 Hrs Timeline for Application
Submission to Institution