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    Abroad UNI Network Limited helps you to get an excellent college from any place in the world! Polish your learning without compromising your work, your family, or your own plans. Our online study abroad portal assists you with finding and analyzing distance and checking available programs from various colleges all over the world.

    Consistently, we have fulfilled the dreams of millions of students. We empower them to investigate all their study options in one place and to find the best-fit study program that matches their requirements, objectives, and desire. To prevail in this mission, we work with thousands of colleges, business colleges, universities, and pathway providers who are widening to differentiate their seats of learning and engage the right students from everywhere in the world.

    Education keeps on arriving at an expansive, worldwide scale, and more students are quick to concentrate abroad than the time before.

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    It is an online portal for students who want to study abroad. Search for courses that suit your interest, whether you want to do a Diploma, Graduation, Post-Graduation, or Ph.D.


    Recruiters can directly join our network and earn a good commission without working any extra effort. Earn more and more by recruiting a large number of students for different universities.


    Expand your institution by attracting qualified students who want to continue their further study in abroad. We have 4000+ students in our network.

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    Process applications for various countries in one place. Track your supremacy dashboard and upload all your required documents with our online smarter admissions solution. Our application process is clear and transparent to the students.

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    Trusted by 17,000+ applicants in the past years

    Continue your ability, reach to every part of the world, encouraging aspiring students to apply and enlist through, where they are from. Build up the variety and high educational worth that are as of now part of your portal.

    • Search for the best courses and universities
    • Expert recruiters for your help
    • Track status and application process
    • Apply over the different countries

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    Complete your application process and get perfect university in your dream country, and scheduled guidance. Students can get full assistance from the recruiters. We believe in providing quality education that can make our online portal the world’s best place. Our online portal has a huge impact on how people connect with each other, having a positive impact on individuals.

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